Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How To 'Sell Out' Your Massage Sessions Before The Public Knows About Them

Man, am I feeling lazy today. It's currently 2:30 pm and I can't get myself motivated. What's even stranger is that my wife took our son to visit her parents for a few days and I got all the time in the world to get things done - or at least jump up and down on the bed in my underwear while eating pizza like a little kid.

And if you saw my Facebook post earlier today, I actually put V8 in my juicer. That's pathetic. It doesn't get any more lazy than that. I guess we all have those days now and then.

So, I thought I'd be at least a little productive today and share with you a tactic that you can use to 'sell out' a new massage technique/package real fast even before you advertise it. Not that I've actually used the ninja tactic I'm about to show you (wink-wink). I'm just sayin'. Hypothetically - if you were to ask me how to do this and if you were to listen to me - not that you should (wink-wink), this is what I'd suggest. Hypothetically. Just sayin'.

Let's first assume that you learned a new massage technique like, I dunno, Myofascial Release. First, don't call it that. The general public has no friggin' clue what that is. It sounds as exciting as watching paint dry. People will say, "Myo... what?!"

Now if your intention is to confuse and bore the crap out of everyone, then by all means, call it that. But if you don't, give it a name that people can relate to like: "Instant Neck Relief Method" (or whatever. You get the point.)

Here's what you then do - write a personal letter or email (letter is preferred) to your existing clients that says something like this:

"Hi Bob! This is Mary from World's Best Massage. How are you? I'd like to know if you'd be so kind as to do me a favor. You see, I just learned this really cool new massage technique that is giving immediate relief for people with chronic neck pain like yourself. I know that you've been struggling with it for a long time and getting only temporary relief - even with regular massage sessions. Well, I tried it on a few of my family members who also suffer from nagging neck pain and - I don't know if this is coincidence or not - but they're now staying pain-free for a solid week at a time. Again - I'm not convinced that this technique is the 'real deal' or not, but that's what they're telling me.

So I'd like to know if you'd be willing to give this a shot for yourself and let me know exactly what kind of pain-relief you'll experience. To tell you the truth, I'm a little nervous about advertising this technique to the public yet because I'm not fully convinced myself. I'd love to try this out on you and measure your results.

I have a few openings this week that I can squeeze you in at. To thank you for your time, I'll give you $10 off this session. Again, you'd really be doing me a huge favor, Bob. Because you're a friend and long-time client, I'd like to offer this to you first.


Now, step back and examine this for a moment. You're not trying to 'sell' them something at all. You're asking for a personal favor. They'll be helping you out by paying for a massage session! Can you see how this is a much more personal and different approach than by saying, "50% Off Myofascial Release"? Oh - if you're going to send an email - don't blast this to everyone on your list. Send them a personal email. However, an actual old school-style letter is the best and most effective way to contact them.

And notice that I'm not asking them if they're going to like it or not. I'm already assuming that they will. Of course they're going to get relief. I mean, duh, that's a given! (that's another little clever trick. Or so I've heard)

You'd be amazed at what kind of reponse you'll get... er, I mean, so I've heard. Not that I've ever used this ninja tactic myself (wink-wink). So this is how you can book your new massage sessions before you ever advertise. Not that I've done it. I'm just sayin'.

Let me know how you do with this method.

And please don't tell my wife I didn't do much today.



jenny K said...

ur too funny. good idea though jeff. thanx

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jeff. We are your neighbors from across the street. We're gonna walk over there and tell your wife that you didn't do much today.

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Herren Tasche said...

This is really an interesting one.

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Great Jeff. Very interesting context. Thanks for it.

Fidel Forde said...

Awesome! I was reading a book that referenced you and your blog... glad I looked it up.

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