Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How To 'Sell Out' Your Massage Sessions Before The Public Knows About Them

Man, am I feeling lazy today. It's currently 2:30 pm and I can't get myself motivated. What's even stranger is that my wife took our son to visit her parents for a few days and I got all the time in the world to get things done - or at least jump up and down on the bed in my underwear while eating pizza like a little kid.

And if you saw my Facebook post earlier today, I actually put V8 in my juicer. That's pathetic. It doesn't get any more lazy than that. I guess we all have those days now and then.

So, I thought I'd be at least a little productive today and share with you a tactic that you can use to 'sell out' a new massage technique/package real fast even before you advertise it. Not that I've actually used the ninja tactic I'm about to show you (wink-wink). I'm just sayin'. Hypothetically - if you were to ask me how to do this and if you were to listen to me - not that you should (wink-wink), this is what I'd suggest. Hypothetically. Just sayin'.

Let's first assume that you learned a new massage technique like, I dunno, Myofascial Release. First, don't call it that. The general public has no friggin' clue what that is. It sounds as exciting as watching paint dry. People will say, "Myo... what?!"

Now if your intention is to confuse and bore the crap out of everyone, then by all means, call it that. But if you don't, give it a name that people can relate to like: "Instant Neck Relief Method" (or whatever. You get the point.)

Here's what you then do - write a personal letter or email (letter is preferred) to your existing clients that says something like this:

"Hi Bob! This is Mary from World's Best Massage. How are you? I'd like to know if you'd be so kind as to do me a favor. You see, I just learned this really cool new massage technique that is giving immediate relief for people with chronic neck pain like yourself. I know that you've been struggling with it for a long time and getting only temporary relief - even with regular massage sessions. Well, I tried it on a few of my family members who also suffer from nagging neck pain and - I don't know if this is coincidence or not - but they're now staying pain-free for a solid week at a time. Again - I'm not convinced that this technique is the 'real deal' or not, but that's what they're telling me.

So I'd like to know if you'd be willing to give this a shot for yourself and let me know exactly what kind of pain-relief you'll experience. To tell you the truth, I'm a little nervous about advertising this technique to the public yet because I'm not fully convinced myself. I'd love to try this out on you and measure your results.

I have a few openings this week that I can squeeze you in at. To thank you for your time, I'll give you $10 off this session. Again, you'd really be doing me a huge favor, Bob. Because you're a friend and long-time client, I'd like to offer this to you first.


Now, step back and examine this for a moment. You're not trying to 'sell' them something at all. You're asking for a personal favor. They'll be helping you out by paying for a massage session! Can you see how this is a much more personal and different approach than by saying, "50% Off Myofascial Release"? Oh - if you're going to send an email - don't blast this to everyone on your list. Send them a personal email. However, an actual old school-style letter is the best and most effective way to contact them.

And notice that I'm not asking them if they're going to like it or not. I'm already assuming that they will. Of course they're going to get relief. I mean, duh, that's a given! (that's another little clever trick. Or so I've heard)

You'd be amazed at what kind of reponse you'll get... er, I mean, so I've heard. Not that I've ever used this ninja tactic myself (wink-wink). So this is how you can book your new massage sessions before you ever advertise. Not that I've done it. I'm just sayin'.

Let me know how you do with this method.

And please don't tell my wife I didn't do much today.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

How To Get 10 New Clients Every Week For Your Massage Therapy Business With Little Or No Cost

Hello again! Today's your lucky day, my friend. Why? Because I'm going to show you how to get an average of 10 new clients every week for the rest of your career. Yippee! And the best part is that this can be done with little or no cost. Seriously! Sound cool? It's a little long, so bear with me for a minute. You'll see why at the end. I have to write this quick while the baby's asleep.

Let's get started...

1. Start A Referral Program. This is sooo easy to do. Many massage therapists are under the false belief that their clients will automatically refer others to them. Not so! You need to let them know that you're looking for referrals and also reward them for doing so. Don't sit around and wait for them to do it on their own. Get the ball rolling yourself. You'd be surprised at how many you get just by asking them.

2. Use Direct Mail. I absolutely LOVE using direct mail for many reasons. It's still the most affordable and trackable form of marketing there is. Not only that, but you can easily get people's attention better than ever because so many businesses are trying to do everything electronically these days. Too much so, in fact. They don't understand that people still enjoy receiving direct mail and still respond to it very well. Let their ignorance be your gain! You can do a postcard mailing to local residents directing them to your web site for a free ebook, massage sample, discount off their first session, etc.

3. Get Local Businesses To Endorse You. Not only is this one of the most powerful methods there is, but it's free! Become friendly with as many local businesses as you can and have them hand out either an endorsement letter or gift certificate for a massage sample to their clients. The best part is that you're getting endorsed from a business that this group of people already know and trust. It costs nothing to do, and you don't have to do ANY of the work!

4. Use Twitter. This is another powerful method that's free and takes only minutes to do. Let's assume you live in Jacksonville, FL. After you set up a Twitter account, go to then type the words live in Jacksonville FL. It brings up any twitter posts from people who live in Jacksonville, FL from the past 90 days. Now you simply start following those people. You then send them a direct message that can say something like, "I live in Jacksonville, too. Looking forward to your tweets." You then start building a relationship with these people and eventually lead them to your web site, practice, etc.

5. Contact Past Clients. This is the easiest group of all to contact. Many massage therapists simply don't contact their past clients with a "Welcome Back" letter/offer. You'd be amazed at how many past clients really wanted to make another appointment with you, but just didn't get around to it yet. A gentle nudge is all many of them need.

6. Implement Third Party Gift Certificates. This is another powerful method that brought me TONS of clients. Here's what you do: Ask your clients, family, and friends if they'd mind handing out a two gift certificates for a free 15-minute massage sample to two people they know who might be interested in a massage. Here's the trick to it - put that person's name in the "from" section of the GC. That way, they look good. It appears as if they bought the GC. They're more apt to handing them out when they look good in the process.

7. Start A Web Site. Many therapists still don't have a web site yet. A lot of them feel intimidated by the thought of setting one up or think it's too expensive. You can set one up without having to pay a web designer. You can use WordPress, MySpace, Facebook, or Blogger to get yourself up and out there for people to find you.

8. Get On Facebook. As of this writing, I believe this is the most powerful online way to get your name out there in a fun, social way. If you're not set up on Facebook yet and aren't sure what to do, click here to see how easy it really is.

9. Set Up Boxes To Win A Free Massage. This is a technique I teach in my upcoming new course. Place drawing boxes inside of waiting areas of local businesses for people to enter their contact information to win a free hour-long massage. This is an unbelievably easy way to capture the contact information of red hot prospects without you having to do a thing! Collect all of the entries about once a month or so. Pick a winner, obviously, but then put all the other entries into your database to start building a relationship with. This method is easy, free, and non-stop.

10. Distribute Lead Generation Flyers. This is another extremely inexpensive way to get your name out there. Design flyers that direct people to either your practice, web site, or a voicemail number for them to receive a free report. You can use a headline such as, "FREE Guide Shows You How To End All Neck & Shoulder Pain In Only 30 Minutes Or Less". You can walk around the neighborhood yourself or - even better - contact your local youth employment service to have teenagers do this for you. They should also be placed on local community bulletin boards in grocery stores, libraries, etc.

Here's where using these methods bring you an average of 10 clients a week:

Let's say that each one of these methods only brought you just one client. Think of it. Your client referral program generated only one client. A local business endorsing you to their customers only brought you one new client. Only one past client came back. You got just one appointment from someone who entered their name to win a free massage. You get the idea.

Put them together and you got 10 new clients! Even if you didn't implement them all, you're still doing way better than 99.9% of all the other massage therapists in your area.

Let's say you implemented only 5 of these methods, but got 3 new clients from each one. That's 15 new clients! And if you did this on a regular basis, you're schedule is going to be full real quick. And most of these techniques are free or almost free.

See how easy it is? Not only that, but most of the work is front-loaded, meaning once you set it up it does the work for you from now on.

The more marketing techniques you have working for you, the better your results will be - especially if you're new to marketing and don't have everything fine-tuned just yet. This also keeps you recession-proof at minimal cost.

And if you have any questions, I'd love to hear from you. Email me at

Take care!